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Colour and Style Analysis (Image Consultancy)

Find out about colour and how it can complement you in so many ways. What clothes will be the most flattering for you? Have a consulation where you come away with a completely new understanding of colour and style as it applies to you personally. Colour and Style Analysis Image Consultancy

Image Consultants

Image Consultant

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Colour and Style Analysis Image Consultancy extra

Colour and Style Analysis...

People have fascination with colour. People want to know what to wear, what’s the most flattering for them - to make them look attractive and to feel good. Maybe you have a function coming up - a wedding or a party. How can you make the best of yourself?

You can have a consultation for colour and one for style - or both together. Learn what suits you and where to wear it - e.g. black below the waist?

Also learn to understand your body - your shape and your body "personality"

Each body has a "body archetype". There are 6 types, with variations between them.

Tell me more about the Archetypes

These are listed below:


moderate to average height
symmetrical and balanced body frame
average hands and feet
evenly proportioned bust, waist and hips
evenly shaped facial features
non angular, full or long face
naturally smooth and evenly textured hair
naturally wavy or straight hair


tall with narrow, angular shoulders
narrow hands and feet
straight and angular body type, not curvy
lean and sinewy body
angular facial features
very square jawline
prominent cheekbones
angular or pointed nose
extreme texture of hair either fine and silky - straight with a wave or coarse with wave or curly


moderate to short in height
small hands and feet
rounded or sloped shoulders
soft, lushly curved hourglass body
always busty whether thin or heavy
rounded or softly wide face
large, flirty eyes
very full, luscious lips
naturally soft and luxurious hair
naturally silky and wispy hair
thick and naturally curly or wavy hair


moderate height
dainty hands and feet
rounded shoulders
soft, delicate hourglass body type
youthful figure and facial appearance
delicate, softly rounded facial features
slightly naturally curly or wavy hair
radiates feminine innocence


moderate to tall in height
moderate to large hands and feet
slightly squarish to broad shoulders
broad body type, leans toward muscular
straight waist and slightly tapered hips
bluntly broad nose and cheekbones
broad to long jawline
large, friendly eyes, slightly sharp features
moderate to thin lips
moderate to thick hair


5'5" and under
angular or narrow shoulders
moderate to narrow hands and feet
small, straight, or flat bust and hips
stocky, not curvy figure if overweight
large, friendly eyes
slightly sharp features
moderate to thin lips
any hair type

Defining Your Clothing Styles

A Classic can wear:

smooth and soft, straight or curved lines
softly tailored or softly flowing lines
ensemble or suit looks, not mix or match separates
elegant accessories
no extreme size or textures with jewelry

a Dramatic can wear:

trim, sleek lines
crisp tailoring or bouffant styling
elongated draping, not body defining
strong, defined shoulders
angular, sleek, high fashion accessories
chunky, somewhat ornate jewelry

a Romantic can wear:

soft, flowing lines that showcase the body curves
defined waist, feminine, ornate accessories
lavish jewelry
intricate and delicate jewelry

an Ingenue can wear:

softly crisp, relaxed shaping
gently flowing, feminine lines
softly feminine, often antique accessories
touches of delicacy and never overdone on jewelry

a Natural can wear:

relaxed, straight line
unstructured jackets
loose and easy tailoring
no severe, man-tailored lines
earth, funky, or chunky accessories

a Gamin can wear:

sharp and straight, crisp tailoring
animated, colorful prints or designs
precisely fitted silhouettes
small accessories
geometric or asymmetrical shapes
expressive details

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