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The Role of Root Cause Healing™ as fundamental to the effective healing of Physical Dis-ease

© Peter Donn April 2005

This article reveals how a healing method known as Root Cause Healing™ could contribute significantly to your journey to wellness. The author believes firmly that this form of healing is truly fundamental as it focuses on true cause, not symptoms. Without healing at this level, a disease process cannot be said to be completely “cured”.


Without exception, every physical disease has a cause, a reason. More now than ever before, it is accepted that our emotional and mental state contributes fundamentally to well-being or dis-ease – indeed it is often said that 80% of illness is due to stress. Stress can result for many reasons - from a major trauma to a generalised feeling of having no purpose in life. In both cases there is a cause, and in both cases, the physical body is going to get affected, whether the individual is consciously aware of the “stress” and its origins or not.

Even before looking at true cause, chronic stress results in high levels of stress hormones in the blood, causing the body to be in a “fight or flight” state – albeit a mild version of a truly acute situation. In this state, immune and digestive function is reduced, leaving the body open for disease, and not able to absorb adequate nutrition.

Let’s now look at how this stress could arise.

Causal Events, Emotions and Beliefs

Whenever a significant negative event is experienced, an unaware individual makes an conscious or unconscious “defeat” decision about what has just happened. For example, it could be “I am alone forever” (for a very young child if a parent leaves the room without saying he or she is coming back) or “I don’t deserve to live” (if someone close dies and the individual thinks they didn’t take enough care of them, or didn’t appreciate them when they were alive). These beliefs become crystallised in the body and become the filter through which the individual perceives their world and themselves. They will also have a direct effect on the physical body.

Direct Effects on the Body

To give a simple, common sense example of this, take muscular tension, known to very often have a stress origin. The contraction of muscles exerts an ongoing tugging force on the skeletal system, pulling it out of balance and causing pain or long-term structural misalignment. Even the involuntary muscles such as those in the digestive tract or those in the walls of blood vessels – responsible for regulating blood flow - could cause physical problems. The ongoing constricted state of these muscles can lead – directly or via skeletal imbalance - to the unavailability of oxygen and nutrition to specific organs, as well as inefficient toxic waste removal from those organs, with inevitable consequences.

However it is not only muscles that are affected. Apart from the role of the mind itself in holding beliefs, a new scientific understanding has been revealing how beliefs – and indeed emotions – can actually be held in any of the cells of the physical body. Books such as “Molecules of Emotion” by Dr Candice Pert, and “the Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton, PhD relay revealing insights about how emotions and beliefs are represented at the cellular level.

Sabotaging Beliefs can Block Absorption of Nutrition

The effect of beliefs have a profound effect in our lives at the level of the subconscious mind – driving us into life-degrading activities such as addictions like workaholism, smoking, coffee drinking, and overeating, and taking away our life-supporting desires, such as good eating, exercise, peace-promoting pursuits. This leads very directly to exhaustion, ill-health, and severely compromised immunity, in turn paving the way to dis-ease of all types.

Beliefs can also have the effect of blocking the regulation of the Autonomic Nervous system, preventing the efficacy of existing treatments. This would include blocking or hindering the ability of the body to absorb nutrition, through food or supplements.

To demonstrate the direct relationship between emotion and the physical body, I had one client who had chronic back pain and neck stiffness for 10 years. The root cause was found, amongst other things, to be a life-long relationship problem with her mother. We cleared the problem. Miraculously in the closing moments of the first session, she felt her back and neck adjusting itself and she had a flexibility she hadn’t experienced in years. In another case, a client with chronic jaw pain that many other approaches couldn’t help experienced complete resolution in 3 sessions. Several causative factors were found, to include being on the receiving end of a dominative father, and her having to “bite her tongue” perpetually in childhood to avoid physical punishment. This was getting continuously re-triggered by her boss at work who had the same personality characteristics as her father. Invariably, and very interestingly, when the causes are tracked down, I find that the emotion experienced is felt in exactly the area of the physical symptom or illness.

Root Cause Healing Therapy

Root Cause Healing™ is an accurate, gentle and powerful way of finding and treating the causes of any problem – physical or otherwise. Therefore it will be used not only to work with the causes of your physical condition, but to help deal with the issues arising from having been “diagnosed” with that condition in the first place, such as fear, guilt or anger.

The intent of the sessions is to systematically find the causes of your illness and work to heal those. As a result of this treatment, I deeply believe the move towards healing will be greatly expedited, whichever parallel treatment modalities you are already using.

How does it work? Psychokinesiology is used extensively to access the unconscious mind effortlessly and reveal not only the causes but also the optimal way of proceeding with the treatment. This method involves testing the body’s muscles – which respond instantly (and miraculously!) to questions asked of the individual. Whenever a question asked is true – even if the individual consciously believes the opposite - there is a surge of power moving through all muscles of the body. When it is false, the power drops. Typically the deltoid (shoulder) muscle is tested. The wisdom accessible through the body seems to have no limits – this wisdom knows the causes of our issues and how to heal them.

Psychokinesiology thereby reveals what we need to find, often to include beliefs that have been taken on – directly or genealogically through our parents. It then indicates the optimal healing modality to use. Recent advances in Energy Medicine have presented us with method that can release lifelong beliefs and emotions, easily and simply, and often in seconds or minutes – unheard of amongst traditional talk therapies.

Treatment Profile

I suggest an initial session for you to find out more about the therapy and to decide if it is a therapy you would like to pursue. If so, I would recommend weekly sessions initially, then spacing them out further. However this would depend on the individual case, and a recommendation will be made. Treatments would continue until it is obvious (through Psychokinesiology or otherwise) there is nothing further to work on. Further sessions can then be made as required if and when new issues arise. An average number of sessions tends to be in the region of 2-6 but everyone is different. For more serious chronic diseases, many more could be required.

I believe that sometimes very challenging situations, to include chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue, arthritis, cancer and many others, come along in our lives to force us to heal our past and to reach a new potential in our lives. Certainly that has been the case in my experience. From that point of view, a physical disease, if healed holistically, can catalyse beneficial changes in an individuals’ life. Root Cause Healing™ is designed to facilitate this process of discovery and healing and I look forward to working with you in this journey.


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