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Slavic Massage (Slavic Body Massage)

Slavic massage is a deeply relaxing form of ancient massage which focuses on transforming the body which aims to transform by inducing deep mind-body relaxation. Hot aromatic oils are liberally applied throughout the treatment. Slavic Massage Slavic Body Massage

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Slavic Massage is an ancient style of massage that is deeply rooted nomadic society and has been long practised by the nomadic peoples from the Pacific to the Baltic. With such ancient roots Slavic Massage is reported to be the nearest form of treatment we have today that mirrors that of an original and true Aromatherapy treatment. The nomadic peoples would use such massage daily as a way of keeping both their horses, which their lives depended upon, and their own bodies/minds balanced and enable them to deal with the demands of such a rigorous lifestyle.

During a Slavic Massage treatment the therapistís energetic connection with the client is of the upper most importance in order that the therapist is able to really listen to the recipientís body. The focus of a treatment is about support, communication through touch, intuition and duality of movement within the application of specific techniques applied by the hands and arms. This differs from more traditional forms of massage treatment, like Swedish Massage for instance, where the therapistís hands work in conjunction with each other. Such specific Slavic Massage techniques focus on graceful movement, flow, gentle stretching of the soft tissues of the body and mobilisation of the joints. The recipient may almost feel as if the therapist is literally dancing around their body and the treatment couch creating an almost hypnotic sensation for the recipient. This style of massage is about inducing deep relaxation, lightening the senses, restoring balance/poise, articulating joints and through doing so helping to initiate transformation of the body and mind. But perhaps more than this, and put in anatomical terms, Slavic Massage has a positive effect on all of the bodily systems via its calming influence on the sympathetic nervous system and stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

During a Slavic Massage treatment hot aromatic oils are liberally applied to the body, helping to further heighten the senses. The majority of the treatment is performed on the back of the body, with the client lying face down on the treatment couch, however the techniques incorporate the massaging of the front of the body from the back so as that Slavic massage fully represents a distressing programme for the whole body.

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