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From Woman To Mother

An entirely new concept in enriching the experience of your rite of passage from maiden to mother

Trying to conceive?

Are you pregnant?

New Mum?

Preconception Workshops
for women trying to conceive (in groups or one-to-ones)

Preconception Open Evening

Other Preconception Services

Early Pregnancy Workshops "It's a Secret" Workshop for women during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy

Antenatal Classes
a 6 week course for women with their partners to prepare for childbirth and parenthood

Pregnancy Open Day

Pregnancy Retreats
a 1 day retreat for pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy to create a space for peace and relaxation

Birth Art Cafe
a weekly drop-in morning for pregnant women at any stage to relax, chat and reflect on their pregnancy while painting, sculting or drawing

Releasing Fears in Pregnancy

Other Pregnancy Services

Other Childbirth Services

Post Natal Workshops
a morning workshop with babies with an opportunity to discuss a specified topic, includes lunch

Birth Art Cafe
a weekly drop-in morning for mums with pre-crawling babies to relax, chat and reflect on their birth and mothehood while painting, sculting or drawing

Birth Trauma

Post-Natal Depression

Other Mother and Baby Services

To book any of the above courses call Tamara on 01923 260050 or email info@womantomother.co.uk

"Tamara left me feeling very envious of the women of Hertfordshire who are able to benefit from such wonderful classes.”

Women, since the beginning of time, have given birth to the next generation trusting their bodies to know what to do. Our bodies have the inner wisdom that will guide us through the roller-coaster ride of childbirth if we listen. Given the opportunity, we can transform this experience into an awesome rite of passage (even when medical intervention is required) that can empower us to become wise women and intuitive mothers.

This "From Woman To Mother" section of the website contains information about antenatal and parentcraft classes, childbirth preparation workshops, early pregnancy workshops and preparation for pregnancy preconception workshops in Kings Langley (2 minutes from junction 20 of M25) Hertfordshire.

Prepare for your rite of passage into motherhood in a conscious, intuitive and empowering way.



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