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When you first find out you are pregnant, a whole range of emotions can come streaming into your consciousness. If the pregnancy wasn’t planned you may be shocked or confused. Even if the pregnancy was planned you may be experiencing these feelings in addition to joy, excitement, apprehension and possibly relief if conception took a while.

It is common in our society to keep the pregnancy a secret for the first 3 months. This may feel good or it may feel like a burden when you really want to talk about how you are feeling and the changes that are happening to you.

If you feel you want to connect with other pregnant women at this stage, why not come along to an Early Pregnancy Workshop which is aimed at women in their first 16 weeks of pregnancy. Alternatively, you might like to indulge in a Pregnancy Retreat or do some painting or clay, have a cup of tea and chat at the weekly Birth Art Café (no art experience necessary!).

During the early weeks, when your body starts adjusting to its new role, one of the early symptoms that may affect you is morning sickness (which can occur at any time of day!). Many of our therapists can help to alleviate this such as homeopathy and reflexology.

As your pregnancy progresses our therapists can help with other symptoms that may arise such as aches and pains, constipation, mood swings, fears, exhaustion and heartburn. There are several approaches to dealing with these conditions so please do call to discuss which options would be best for you.

Towards the latter part of the pregnancy you may start focusing more on the birth and baby. The antenatal classes are for couples and prepare them for giving birth and becoming parents. These classes offer a unique approach to childbirth preparation. As well as benefiting from receiving practical information, parents-to-be will learn pain-coping practices which can help deal with labour pain, post operative caesarean pain and post partum exhaustion. Also available are hypnobirthing classes which teach self hypnosis for labour and childbirth.

As birth approaches our skilled practitioners can help with issues such as inducing an overdue pregnancy, turning a breech baby, stimulating a labour that is slow to progress and others.

Our practitioners are experienced with pregnancy issues and supporting couples. For more details on which services might be most appropriate for you call Tamara on 01923 260050/ email info@womantomother.co.uk or read about the therapies and services below.

Antenatal Classes Homeopathy
Antenatal Pregnancy Yoga Hypnobirthing
Birth Art Cafe Nutrition
Early Pregnancy Workshops Maternity Reflexology
Pregnancy Open Day Herbal Medicine
Pregnancy Retreats Root Cause Healing
Releasing Fears in Pregnancy Workshops EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques/ Tapping

Root Cause Healing

During the pre-natal period, fears can arise about giving birth, being a mother etc, During this time, Root Cause Healing offers ongoing support to release the fears as they arise. A particularly powerful method is to play out the birth, dealing with the issues that arise in this “rehearsal”. This would significantly reduce the likelihood of those same issues arising in the actual birth. If a baby is “Overdue”, there are usually good reason. Examples could be not wanting the baby to come out from its protection into a “hard” world, or not wanting to let go of control.

Antenatal Classes

A 6 week course to prepare women and their partners for birth and parenthood.

Pregnancy Retreats

A nurturing and experiential pregnancy workshop for pregnant women to encourage you to reflect inwards to create a haven of peace and stillness and connect with other women during this special time of your life.

Early Pregnancy Workshops

These pregnancy workshops are aimed at women during the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. Possible topics include:

· Being pregnant
· Honouring fears
· Preparing for the transition from maiden to mother

Each workshop lasts 2 hours

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology works on balancing all of the body systems to provide a healthy body for conception to take place. Gentle pressure to reflex points balances the hormonal system and stimulates the reproductive organs.

To find out about how our individual reflexologists can help, click here.


Homeopathic treatment of pregnancy addresses both physical and emotional imbalances and can help with problems at birth eg induction, turning a breech baby, failure to progress to name by a few.

To find out about how our individual homeopaths can help, click here.


Having the right vitamin and mineral balance in your body is essential for a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby.

Releasing Fears in Pregnancy Workshops

A unique opportunity to work with combining the skills of Tamara Donn (childbirth educator) and EFT specialist, Peter Donn, on releasing fears in pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Birth Art Cafe

An opportunity to explore pregnancy, birth & motherhood together. Women, traditionally, have turned to other women for advice and sustenance during pregnancy. You can take part in optional creative processes to stimulate the primitive (right) part of the brain that is active during labour and birth.

Herbal Medicine

Mary Barton
I do  lot of work with people preparing for pregnancy.  Herbs have always had a role in optimising reproductive health. I work with couples/individuals having difficulty conceiving, and with those who simply want to ensure that they are as healthy as possible and, of course, I support the mothers during and after pregnancy.  I also help with conditions such as post natal depression. My main method of work is Herbal Medicine and Health Coaching and generally support my patients in the way most appropriate to them.

Preparation for Pregnancy : Where possible, the process of antenatal care should start before pregnancy. Herbalists think of this as “preparing the ground”. The usual sensible measures of achieving good health need to be adopted such as a good diet, adequate and regular exercise, plenty of fluids, regular bowel movements, fresh air and attention to the mood. Poor diet and stress can interfere with the ability to become pregnant.

To become pregnant is one of the most profound miracles of nature yet remarkably very common! But one should not be overwhelmed by the thought of carrying a new human being within ones body. The “will to life” is very strong and it is important to remember that most women have uneventful pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies. All women have fears about the health of their babies, but the attitude to adopt is that of “loving concern” and not fear. High on your list of priorities is freedom from anxiety and the building of the spiritual bond between you and your baby. Pregnancy can be a time to allow emotions to be felt and expressed. It can be a sacred time when you become increasingly sensitive and may wish to withdraw a little from everyday life.

The unborn child is utterly dependent upon the mother for all its nutrition both physical and emotional. Non-verbal communication continues throughout the pregnancy as the physiological, hormonal and emotional connection between the mother and child is established.

Treatment with medications of any type before and during pregnancy is discouraged because once again one wants to keep the body free of any unnatural and unnecessary chemicals. I think of this as akin to growing vegetables organically. Herbs do have an important role in pregnancy, but even something as natural as herbal remedies should only be taken as and when necessary. If you become pregnant, you should not suddenly stop taking any prescribed medications, but discuss this with your health practitioner. Avoid unnecessary supplements, additives, stimulants and this would apply also to cigarettes and alcohol.

Diet should have sufficient protein, plenty of raw food, plenty of essential fatty acids (EFAs, e.g. from a good range of vegetable oil/seeds and oily fish, if liked) low salt, folic acid and B6. Low levels of EFA’s might predispose your child to asthma. Iron and calcium are important so ensure that the diet contains enough of these. Dried apricots are a good source of iron, nettles are a good source of both calcium and iron and calcium is high in watercress. Remember that the absorption of iron is inhibited by tea and coffee so reduce your consumption of these and take them weak. Try not to worry too much about your weight- you cannot expect to keep your figure during pregnancy, but with care, all will be restored after the birth.

Supplements in Pregnancy: In general I do not recommend supplements, but if appetite and diet are poor, then a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement, produced especially for pregnancy, can be considered, with folic acid being very important while preparing for pregnancy.

Foods and supplements to avoid in pregnancy: Raw eggs, raw meat or fish, unpasteurised milk products, skins of jacket potatoes (especially if green, or green potatoes), liver, cod liver oil and Vitamin A supplements (the last three provide unhelpful levels of vitamin A or its precursors). Painkillers, especially aspirin should be avoided. Soya products are fairly high in phyto-oestrogens and some people fear that too many oestrogens in the diet could harm an unborn boy infant. There is a small amount of research on this that might suggest such a link, however, there are many sources of environmental oestrogens e.g. in our water supply, in meat and dairy produce etc, so do not worry too much about the occasional helping of soya. Vegetarians who have some soya at every meal would be wise to find some alternative food product for the occasional meal to maintain a healthy and safe balance.

Antenatal Pregnancy Yoga

Wednesdays, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Fridays, 12:15-1:15pm

The Yoga Hall, 11 Hatfield Road, St Albans
01727 857224

From 12 weeks to birth

Enhance your vitality, mobility, general health and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy.

Classes provide a valuable queit space in which to develop your relationship with the baby inside, and help you to prepare for giving birth.

Re-align your posture and balance.
Relieve some of the aches and pains.
Remember to listen to and trust your body.
Share your experiences with other mums.
Enjoy relaxation




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