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Trying to Conceive

Although many couples conceive effortlessly and quickly without any problems, increasingly nowadays more and more couples are experiencing difficulties and worry about their fertility.

Although statistically, it is said that the average time taken to conceive is 6 months many couples nowadays take longer. There are many contributing factors such as age, smoking,alcohol intake accumulation of heavy metals in the body to mention but a few.

The services we offer at the Hertfordshire Holistic Health Centre are designed to support not only couples with difficulties conceiving but also those who are thinking about starting a family at some point in the future. It is wise to give your baby the best possible start in life by preparing yourselves as future parents. After all, a gardener would not plant a seed without preparing the soil. Some suggestions are:

  • Test for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Check for heavy metals
  • Check for vitamin and mineral deficiancies
  • Identify and reduce stress
  • Improve diet
  • Keep fit
  • Discuss feelings about becoming a parent with your partner

Our practitioners are experienced with fertiliy issues and supporting couples conceive. For more details on which services might be most appropriate for you call Tamara on 01923 260050/ email info@womantomother.co.uk or read about the therapies and services below.

EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques/ Tapping

Many couples have problems conceiving. There can be many reasons for this - not just “biological” ones. There are likely to be many that are psychological or emotional, all having a direct effect on the physical body, disrupting hormones and other elements of the body’s internal pharmacy, making conceiving difficult. Examples would be a fear of being a parent, a fear of the birth process itself, a fear of the effect a baby would have on your relationship. There may even be a fear of triggering the trauma of a previous birth. EFT/ Tapping works with you to release trauma in this case, and to dissolve other fears using wonderfully gentle but powerful methods.

Preconception Workshops

A two hour workshop designed to prepare women to conceive from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective.

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology works on balancing all of the body systems to provide a healthy body for conception to take place. Gentle pressure to reflex points balances the hormonal system and stimulates the reproductive organs. The stimulation involved in reflexology helps to regulate women's menstrual cycles and is also useful for relaxation purposes. Men can also benefit from treatments for individual reasons such as stimulation of sperm production. The reflexologists at HHH that specialise in Maternity Reflexology are Sophia Smith and Shilloo Varma


Homeopathic treatment of infertility addresses both physical and emotional imbalances.

Fertility Therapy

When women have difficulty conceiving they can become so desperate to have a baby that their lives become an emotional roller coaster and with the body in a perpetual state of fight or flight is it any wonder pregnancy doesn’t occur? For nearly a third of couples their infertility is ‘unexplained’. The answer is to look deeper at lifestyle factors and emotional elements.

Fertility Therapy offers a safe, painless, non invasive, and often immediately effective solution without the use of medication.

This powerful, successful, and unique programme has helped many couples become pregnant. The therapy can be alongside IVF programmes to dramatically increase the chances of pregnancy.

Suzanne Franklin's successful experiences as a practitioner with clients suffering from other health issues such as Endometriosis, PMT and Depression were also often experiencing problems conceiving. This motivated her to train to become one of only 40 specialist practitioners in the UK trained in HypnoFertility, which combined with other therapies makes Fertility Therapy a powerful option for those wishing to have the a child of their own without resorting to drugs.

Often old emotional issues are causing the current physical issue. Fertility Therapy can to get to the root of the problem, including stress or depression, and allows the body to heal itself without the use of medication or anything invasive.’ Says Suzanne.

An initial 30-minute consultation is offered free of charge and without obligation.


Having the right vitamin and mineral balance in your body is essential for a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby. Being on the pill can deplete a woman of certain nutrients. Heavy metal toxicity can build up in our bodies for a variety of reasons such as living in a city (lead), cooking in aluminium pans. A nutritional therapist can help a couple rebalance the nutrients in their bodies to acheive conception, healthy pregnancy and birth.

To book any of the above courses call Tamara on 01923 260050 or email info@womantomother.co.uk



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